Sewer/Wastewater System


The Two Rivers Utilities' wastewater system is a 24-hours-a-day operation. Plant personnel are responsible for the operation of all equipment that makes wastewater treatment possible. They also conduct testing, collect samples and create reports that document compliance with all governing regulations. Staff chemists routinely perform EPA-required analyses on the wastewater coming into the plants (influent) and treated water coming out of the plant (effluent). Laboratory personnel also monitor wastewater at different stages in the treatment process, industrial discharges coming into the plants, and stream and ground water samples. Extensive testing is done to ensure the best and most effective treatment with minimum environmental impact.
For a description of the wastewater system process and the treatment facilities, please see the Quick Links and Programs sections to the right.

FY 2021 Water and Wastewater System Development Fee Study

We welcome your comments.
The City of Gastonia is in the process of updating the System Development Fee Study adopted in 2018. System Development Fees are used to assign the cost of growth-related cost to those customers responsible for the additional cost to provide service. The System Development Fee Study was completed in accordance with N. C. G. S. 162A.  As part of the adoption process, The City of Gastonia welcomes comments on the System Development Fee Study. Please submit any written comments to by May 15.

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