The City Council voted to end curbside recycling because it is no longer cost-effective to offer the service to residents and because more than 60% of items residents place in their recycle carts are contaminated – meaning the items are not recyclable.

The last week that recyclables will be collected at the curb:

  • October 12-16: one-half of Gastonia households
  • October 19-23: the other half of households

If you’re not sure which recycling group you are in, please use the My Schedule tool or the WasteWise app.

You can still take seven types of recyclables to the Farmers Market at 410 E. Long Ave. in Gastonia and any other Gaston County Recycling Center. 

The City will collect recycling carts at the curb Oct. 26-Nov. 20.

Make sure your recycling cart is empty before putting it at the curb for collection. If we aren’t able to collect your recycling cart in October, we’ll collect it in November.

Answers to common questions about the end of the curbside recycling program:

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Why the change?            Can I still recycle?               What do I do with my cart?   Will fees change?



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