Enforcement of Fire Codes & Ordinances

The Gastonia Fire Department's Life Safety Division is responsible for enforcing the fire code in the City of Gastonia. Whether its inspecting existing commercial buildings, new construction, or plan reviews it falls under the respobsibility of the Life Safety Division. 
Fire Department Construction Permits
If your project includes the installation or modification of fire alarm and detection systems, automatic sprinkler and standpipe systems, automatic fire suppression systems, spray paint booths (see automatic suppression requirements), tents including carnivals, blasting, underground/aboveground storage tank installation or removal, fire pumps, industrial ovens, pyrotehnics, or fireworks you need a permit from this office. Please see the below information on our new online City View portal, and also the submittal requirements below:
You can now submit permit applications, plans, and pay permit fees online via our new City View Portal. To do so go to https://devsvcs.cityofgastonia.com/Note you must register for an account prior to submittal, and activate the account from a valid email address before using. When applying for an account when prompted to associate the account with a contractor and business license, select NO. When the account is confirmed, go to the above portal page, click apply for a fire permit, in the choose the application type select Fire, and then select the work item for what you are doing to complete the submittal application. 
Please view the following video on registering for a City View portal account by clicking here.
Please view the following video on applying for a City View Construction permit by clicking here.
If you plan to not use the City View online submittal system, below is the permit application.
Plan Review Submittal Requirements
Operational Permits 
Section 105 of the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code mandates operational permits. If you received a permit application after your fire inspection, and would like help in logging on to City View to pay for your permit, please view the following video by clicking here.
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