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City Council Meetings Will Be Held Remotely Due To COVID-19
In order to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to comply with the State of Emergency, the City of Gastonia will conduct City Council meetings remotely starting on April 7. Individuals who desire to speak during the Public Expression section of these meetings or during certain public hearings must register in advance. Please call the City Clerk’s Office at 704-866-6719 to register before noon on the day of the meeting.

Until further notice, all Gastonia City Council meetings will be held at City Hall. Meetings on the third Tuesday of the month will no longer be held at the Gaston County Courthouse. The public can view City Council meetings on the City’s website.

Instructions for persons interested in speaking during the Public Hearing of the following:
   Gastonia Planning Commission - Thursday, November 5th Meeting
  1. If you wish to speak on a particular public hearing item during the meeting you must call the Planning Department at 704-854-6652 and register by noon the day of the meeting.
  2. To view the meeting agenda, click on the appropriate meeting agenda in the Upcoming Events section below.
  3. On the day of the meeting, watch the livestream of the meeting on the City’s website in the Upcoming Events section below
  4. Follow the instructions given when you registered in order to call into the meeting at the time that the item you are interested in is being heard by the Commission.

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