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The purpose of the Commission is to establish procedures for organizing the business of the Commission and processing applications for Certificates of Appropriateness for: Any changes in the exterior appearance of existing buildings, structures, signs or appurtenant features; Construction or erection of new buildings, structures, signs or appurtenant features; and For moving or demolition of existing structures within the designated historic district.

The Commission reviews changes to the exterior portion of buildings, any structures (including but not limited to masonry walls, fences, light fixtures, satellite dish signal transmission equipment, steps and pavement, or other appurtenant features), signs, and other landscaping features within the district.  A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) must be secured prior to constructing, altering, moving, or demolishing structures.  A COA is required whether or not a building permit is required.

The Commission is governed by the terms of the Historic District Ordinance as contained in the Unified Development Ordinance and by Article 19, Part 3C of G.S. Chapter 160A as they may be amended or revised.  The Commission's territorial jurisdiction for requiring Certificates of Appropriateness is mandated by the City of Gastonia's Unified Development Ordinance as delineated on the official zoning map.

The Gastonia Historic District Commission (hereafter referred to as the "Commission") is made up of seven (7) volunteers-residents within the City Limits of Gastonia appointed by the Gastonia City Council. The Commissioners serve three (3) year terms that are staggered to provide continuity.

The Historic District Commission meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 181 South Street, Gastonia, North Carolina.

Appointee  Term Expires
Camille Fox        June 30, 2023
Jerry Tucker June 30, 2023
Andi Eddlemon, Chair June 30, 2022
Carol Hauer June 30, 2024
Ed Starr, Vice-Chair June 30, 2022
James Henson June 30, 2023
Josh Hauser June 30, 2022


 For Historic District Commissioners: Click on the image below to view the HDC Orientation Manual (Contact staff for the required password).  It may take a few minutes to download before requesting the password.  
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The Planning Department is located at Garland Municipal Business Center at 150 S. York Street on the second floor.

Contact Information:
Garland Municipal Business Center
150 S. York Street, Gastonia, NC 28052
(PO Box 1748, Gastonia, NC  28053-1748)
704.854.6605 (office)
704.869.1960 (fax)



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