Gastonia Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets the first Thursday after the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 181 South Street, Gastonia, North Carolina.  Due to COVID-19 all meetings are being held remotely until further notice.
* The Consolidated Fee Schedule was approved by City Council and new fees are effective as of September 1, 2020.  Go to page #25 on the document page. (If using the PDF, it is the 29th page out of 48 pages).  
CONSOLIDATED FEE SCHEDULE (Effective September 1, 2020)
January 7
February 4
March 4
April 8
May 6
June 3
July 8
August 5
September 9
October 7
November 4
December 9
January 6, 2022
Notice: All dates and times are subject to change and a submittal by the filing deadline does not guarantee public hearing dates or decision dates. 
Click HERE to view the current agenda and minutes.
The primary objective of the Planning Commission is to develop and maintain a continuing, cooperative planning program to benefit the residents of the City of Gastonia. The powers of the Planning Commission are as specified in Gastonia Unified Development Ordinance.
The purposes of the Planning Commission are as follows:
  • To make studies of the City and its environs;
  • To determine objectives to be sought in the development of the areas under study;
  • To prepare and recommend plans for achieving these objectives;
  • To develop and recommend policies, ordinances, administrative procedures, and other means for carrying out plans in a coordinated and efficient manner;
  • To keep the City Council advised as to these matters;To review and make recommendations to the City Council regarding proposed changes to the Gastonia Zoning Ordinance and the Gastonia Comprehensive Land Use Plan;
  • To adopt a set of Rules of Procedure, as provided herein, not inconsistent with any North Carolina General Statute or any City ordinance;
  • To review and approve preliminary subdivision plats;
  • To elect officers from its membership;
  • To perform any other related duties contained in the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances or as directed by City Council; and
  • To perform any other related duties that City Council may direct.
For information regarding the Gastonia Planning Commission and/or rezonings, contact Jana at



Offices for the Gastonia Planning Commission staff are located in the Garland Municipal Business Center at 150 S. York Street on the second floor.

Contact Information:
Garland Municipal Business Center
150 S. York Street, Gastonia, NC 28052
(PO Box 1748, Gastonia, NC 28053-1748)
704.854.6652 (office)
704.869.1960 (fax)


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