Council Committee Members

Audit, Bids & Insurance
Jennifer M. Stepp, Chairman Dave Kirlin - Chairman  
Jim Gallagher Charles Odom
 Robert Kellogg Jim Gallagher
Awards, Ceremonies & Promotions Central City Revitalization & Housing
Jim Gallagher - Chairman  Robert Kellogg - Chairman
Jennifer M. Stepp Jennifer M. Stepp 
 Donyel Barber Charles Odom
Facilities Management 
Intergovernmental Relations &
Economic Development
Donyel Barber - Chairman Robert Kellogg - Chairman
Dave Kirlin Mayor Walker E. Reid
 Jennifer Stepp Jennifer M. Stepp
Public Safety
Jennifer Stepp - Chairman Jim Gallagher - Chairman
Dave Kirlin  Jennifer Stepp
Donyel Barber  Dave Kirlin
Transportation   Utilities
Jennifer M. Stepp - Chairman Charles Odom - Chairman
Jim Gallagher Robert Kellogg
Robert Kellogg
Jim Gallagher 
Gastonia Tourism Development Authority 
Walker E. Reid, III, Mayor of Gastonia; Ex Officio  
Michael C. Peoples, City Manager of Gastonia; Ex Officio       
J.D. Deva, Maya Hotels
Brian Williams, Courtyard Marriott  
Gerard Durkee, Gastonia Conference Center
Other Council Appointments  
ABC Board  
Jim Gallagher  
Recreation Advisory   
 Donyel Barber  
Metropolitan Planning Organization   
Jennifer M. Stepp  
Robert Kellogg  
Jim Gallagher (Alternate)  
Schiele Museum  
Jim Gallagher  
Dave Kirlin  
Centralina Council of Government  
Jennifer M. Stepp  
Charles Odom - Alternate  
Electricities/Power Agency 1  
Michael C. Peoples - Delegate  
Jim Gallagher - 1st Alternate  
Ron Gaff - 2nd Alternate  






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