Out-of-State Transfers

Swearing in Hands on Bible croppedOut-of-state transferees will be evaluated to determine the amount and quality of their training and experience. At a minimum, out-of-state candidates must have two years of full-time, sworn law enforcement experience and have successfully completed a basic law enforcement training course accredited by the state from which they are transferring in order to be considered for transfer to a North Carolina law enforcement agency. Out-of-state transferees cannot have a break in service exceeding one year.

Prior to employment as a certified law enforcement officer in North Carolina, out-of-state transferees must successfully complete the in-service firearms training and qualification program. They must also complete the Legal Unit (minimum of 96 hours) of the Commission-accredited BLET and successfully pass the entire state comprehensive examination within their 12-month probationary period.

Persons who have completed training as a federal law enforcement officer or a military police officer will be required to complete the Commission-accredited BLET in its entirety and successfully pass the state comprehensive examination prior to employment.